Страхотно, и добре написано есе на Андрю Съливан (редактор на The Atlantic от ранна детска възраст) относно това какво кара хората да блогват:

Anyone who has blogged his thoughts for an extended time will recognize this world. We bloggers have scant opportunity to collect our thoughts, to wait until events have settled and a clear pattern emerges. We blog now–as news reaches us, as facts emerge. This is partly true for all journalism, which is, as its etymology suggests, daily writing, always subject to subsequent revision. And a good columnist will adjust position and judgment and even political loyalty over time, depending on events. But a blog is not so much daily writing as hourly writing. And with that level of timeliness, the provisionality of every word is even more pressing–and the risk of error or the thrill of prescience that much greater.

10x, Илин!


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