Намерих интересно проучване за профила на шведските блогъри и техните читатели.

• Women blog anonymously (68.2%), but men don’t (29.6%)
• Nearly four out of ten bloggers have at least once regretted something they posted on their blog.
• One in four bloggers have at least once felt harassed by comments in the blogosphere.
• Male bloggers blog to a higher extent than female bloggers to influence others, strengthen their brand, to create an archive of information and because there is a need for more voices in the public debate.
• Nine out of ten bloggers update their blog every week. Female bloggers update their blogs more often than male bloggers (68.9% at least once a day, compared to 46.6% of male bloggers).
• Male bloggers more often than female bloggers have ads on their blogs (18.2% compared to 3.9%).
• More male bloggers say they have clicked on an advertisement on a blog (40.8% compared to 28.4% of female bloggers).

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