We have CEOs of major corporations who lack the basic writing skills to pen a simple, in-house memo in plain-spoken English. We see marketing swine get paid princely sums to lie about their products in language so bloated with jargon that their lies – and even their half-truths – are unintelligible. We see company flacks churning out impenetrable press releases that no editor in his right mind would consider reading, let alone using. We see business reporting reduced to the trite and formulaic because the reporter is either too uncritical or too lazy to take a hard look at what lies behind the smoke and mirrors.

Wired публикува остро мнение на единия от своите copy редактори относно състоянието на съвременния английски език, което до голяма степен важи и за българския. А аз изпитвам трудност да формулирам длъжността copy editor на български. Ще ми отнеме 2 абзаца.


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