From: Cornelius Ham []
Sent: 28 Март 2003 г. 21:15
To: Elenko
Subject: interesting information…

Call it an obsession or a fetish or a perversion …..but I can’t help what I am. My test grades were always higher at school when I wore my tight pantyhose below my regulation skirt, I was promoted faster at work when the boss caught sight of my lacy stocking tops – and I was fucked harder and longer when my boyfriends held me by my suspender belt and slid their hands between my legs and down my nylons. Now I am nothing without the heat of nylon pantyhose against my smooth white skin, or the grip of a tight suspender belt on my taught belly. Do what you want with me – dress me up like a window shop doll until my shaven pussy is framed by black nylon. Rip my stockings from me in the heat of the night and tie me up with the frayed fabric of fishnet. Make me pose for your every fantasy and let me sweat in my nylons under the studio lighting until my pussy is swollen with desire. I cannot help what I am – but I CAN realise all your needs by sharing myself with you, and reducing myself to the essence of a woman framed in nylon, defined by nylon, in love with nylon, and perverted by nylon…..Welcome to


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