| ––Original Message––
| From: Elenko
| Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 3:49 PM
| To: ‘infodesk@cenorm.be’
| Subject: List of things EU should standardize
| Dear European Committee for Standardization,
| I live in Bulgaria. My country is sluggishly approaching the EU. While waiting, yet being a responsible future EU citizen, I’ve made a comprehensive list of everyday items that you should standardize EU-wide.
| So, the items are:
| Doors’ opening direction
| Slide doors’ sliding speed
| Elevators’ speed
| Cars’ headlights’ color & luminosity
| A/C temperature in public buildings
| Restaurant tips (in per cent)
| Wine bottles’ bottlenecks and cork size
| Condom size (as in T-shirts, yet the size must be descretely stated on the packaging, not to embarrass the buyer)
| Bra fasteners’ design (!!)
| Laptop adapters’ size and weight
| Headphones’ cable length
| Jeans’ and pants’ sizes (my jeans are size 30 and my pants – 48)
| The colors „white“ and „bordeau“. The iPod brought new meaning to the first. Buying cars and men’s suits in boreau should be avoided
| Sunscreen’s UV factor
| Sunglasses’ dimming ratio
| The saltiness of salt
| Spam’s language and punctuation
| ATMs’ interfaces
| Mobile phones’ ring volume level
| Motor-horns’ sound pitch
| Mobile operators’ greeting messages
| If I come up with some other items, I’ll send them too.
| Thank you in advance!
| Elenko I. Elenkov
| Bulgarian citizen

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