From: Monika Pater
Sent: Friday, February 11, 2005 3:41 PM
To: Elenko
Subject: Re: Erasmus Mundus Stipend Information

thank you for your interest in our programme.
Unfortunately, you are not eligible for an Erasmus mundus stipend because Bulgaria is a candidate state for the EU and the EU has excluded nationals from the EU-States and the EU-candidate-States.

„candidate countries for accession to the European Union do unfortunately not qualify for the Erasmus Mundus stipend.“

Furthermore, we will try to raise funds to give grants to nationals from the EU-States and the EU-candidate-States but in the first round we might not be able to do so. I am sorry.

Hopes that helps
Monika Pater

Някои неща се влошават с идването на ЕС. От друга страна това е признак, че държавата ни се цивилизова.


Тук не може да се коментира.