Why so many Bulgarians blog in English? It feels like half the blogs do it; they translate local news and author’s opinions.

That way the words sound in-depth, complex and profound. English adds value to the poor Bulgarian poster. It expands horizons. It’s a way for the blogger to attract huge multinational audience. People with broader view, maybe money. Maybe.

Maybe not.

Maybe just Americans who google „Bulgarian blog“ to find out whether we have Starbucks around. In Sou-fi-ah or Vahr-nah. Because in Eastern Europe, life’s hard without triple Vanilla Iced Frapuccino®, you know.

The result of blogging in English is doubtful. Like this post. Content that’s difficult for most Bulgarians to read and impossible for the English-speaking world to understand.

A society uses another language in times of oppressed cultural identity. Language B is determined by the prestige and influence of nation B on nation A. For Bulgaria, it was Turkish in the early 18-th century, Russian in the late, German in the 1930-ies, Russian, again, during the communism. English is welcome now.

Well, good luck fellow bloggers in your English endeavors!

Always remember: use spell checkers. They’re like condoms. They kill some pleasure, but nothing feels as good as safety does.


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